Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We had some bad siding on our house that needed to be fixed. You could pull it off the house by hand, it really was not good. We thought there would only be a few boards to fix but it ended up being the entire height and width of the chimney. Thankfully Nate's mom and grandpa were able to come and help, we could not have done it without them!! There was a lot to do and it took the three of them Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to get it finished. But the house looks so great now!!

Papa thanks so so much for all your help!!

Kristin's Visit

A good friend of ours (Kristin Mathews) was able to visit us this week. She has been living in California for the last two and was able to come back to see us. It was a good visit though it was very busy. There were many people to see while she was here!

Thank you for coming Kristin and I hope that it is not two years before we see each other again! :

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He is three months old already!! The time has gone so fast, but it is hard to think of our lives with out Judson. He is smiling all the time, though it is hard to catch a smile in a picture!! He is also very close to giggling. He will do it every once in awhile, but not consistently. Judson loves to coo and talk, he loves it when he is talked to also. He loves to be around people and see what is going on. He can not sit up on his own but he really tires. He loves to watch everything that is going on around him.