Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at the Lake

Most of the Rowedder side of the family was able to get together over the weekend. Our main purpose for gathering was to honor the life of Nate's Grandma that passed away. So Friday night we had a big family supper and then had time to remember and share stories of her life. It was a neat thing to be a part of, she was a very special person!

Papa (Nate's Grandpa) catching up on a little sleep!

There was a line set up off the end of the dock and there was actually a fish caught. Judson had a good time watching all the action, but did not want to get anywhere close to that fish! :)

It took awhile to real it in, and to get the net down in the water to help pull it up. It was a pretty big fish and sure put up a fight for being caught!

The four fishermen, Carol (Nate's mom was out there too, but busy looking for a scale when picture time came. A scale we could not find, so we are unsure how big the fish really was.)

Nate and I had gotten Judson some things for his Easter basket, but they never actually made it into the basket because things were need as distractions and entertainment while at the Lake. These glasses were one of his new items though. He always wants glasses to wear if I have mine on. So now he will have a pair, well for a day or two until he breaks them! :)

Nate's mom and sister were very sweet to want to do an egg hunt with Judson so they got plastic eggs and filled them with marshmallows, animal cookies and peanut butter cups! Judson loved going out and finding all the eggs, especially with no competition! :) His little basket was so full!! He was just loving it.

Once he found all the eggs we told him there were treats inside and oh man did he get excited then!!

He took his basket inside to have Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dan open the eggs for him!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second time around

So I had not been feeling very well yesterday, and woke up so nauseous this morning too. Judson decided to come join me in bed this morning around 7, well it was early for us. And I was not feeling well so we just decided to watch a little T.V.. Then all of the sudden I had to run to the bathroom! And yes I had wonderful morning sickness! :( Anyway, next thing I knew Judson is in there too rubbing my back and then giving me a hug. He is so cute!! Then he just sat down on the floor next to me. It sure is different being pregnant and having another child. But he has been very patient with me and my lack of energy and nauseousness. I hope his caring continues once the baby is here! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New discovery

Judson discovered where I keep my hair ties the other day. And I had just bought more, so there were many to find! He very carefully put all of them on his wrists while I was getting ready to leave the house. It actually was pretty great because I knew right where he was, and he was not doing anything inappropriate. :) He was so proud of himself too!

Our Newest News

Well the news around here is that I am pregnant!! We are all pretty excited! I know it will change things around here, but it will be awesome!! I am 13 weeks right now, and am due October 25th. Judson will be 2 1/2 when the baby is born and we are hoping he will be a great help. So far he LOVES babies and helping with them. But I know it is different when there is one around ALL the time! :) We will be finding out what we are having, that will be in about 7 weeks!! I will share once we know, but we will not be sharing names again until the baby is born!!