Friday, September 30, 2011


When I was pregnant with Judson we told three of his letters to let people guess his name. It was so fun and funny to hear every guess!! So we decided to kind of do the same thing again. But instead of giving all the letters at one time we are going to space it out. A friend suggested posting a little a week until the baby is born. I think this will be more fun. It will be interesting to see how guesses change when more letters are revealed.
So here is the first letter. "N" The letters are in no certain order and are found anywhere in his name!!
Enjoy guessing!! We will enjoy hearing all of the wonderful ideas that everyone comes up with!

Baby is doing well. I had an appointment yesterday and his heart rate is 133. I am measuring right where I should be and my blood pressure is staying in check. I am dilated to 1 to 1 1/2 at this point. So that is nice that he is getting ready to make his move.
Judson was induced and right now I am wishing that this baby would be too. Just because it would be easier to plan for where Judson will be and all that good stuff that comes with having your second child! I know I need to get organized because things could happen at any time. Which is wonderful but crazy that we are about to have 2 kids!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeding the ducks

Friday we decided to have some family time, and away from the house so we were not sucked into a T.V. show or tempted to work on a project.
So we went and fed the ducks. It is always so much fun, and Judson LOVES it. He also loves to run and scare them away! But he does enjoy feeding them.
As always it was so much fun to see Nate and Judson interact!! I just love to watch them together, and watch Judson learn from such a great dad!
Unfortunately there were many geese around!! Nate got bit a few times and Judson did once too. If you had bread in your hand and did not toss it out fast enough they would just come and try to take it. Judson was right at their level so they would go for the bread in his hand. They would nip at Nate's legs. The ducks were nice, they were just a little over powered.
Once our bread was gone we headed over to the playground. Judson wanted Nate to play too. And here is catching him as he comes down the slide! :)
It was such a wonderful night!!

Judson kept calling the ducks babies, because they are smaller than the geese! And when he would throw the bread he would say "here you go" it was so cute!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Kart Rides

Minnesota Cousins

Last week Judson and I went to spend some time with my sister and her boys. We had a fun filled few days! Here we are in my Grandma's apartment. The three boys did a good job entertaining themselves in the small space while Ryna and I visited with Grandma. They played hide and seek for awhile, even though there were only about 4 places to hide, and then played video games. Judson thought he was big stuff "playing" video games with the big guys!

This picture was just to cute of all of them watching TV for a bit.

Friday morning we went to a little free "zoo". Judson enjoyed it and it was a great size for the amount of time we had. We could have had more time, but we were all kind of slow to get ready that morning! :) Ryna and I stayed up to late talking once we got the boys to bed!

Toward the end Judon was getting tired and wanted to be held. Cole decided to be the good big cousin and pick him up, but soon decided that Judson was to heavy! It was so sweet of him to try though!

Cole and Judson by the eagles.

Friday night Ryna let the boys get the go kart out and take turns driving Judson around. Judson thought that was pretty awesome!!