Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Boy

Nate and I have been talking about transitioning Judson to a bed. He is fine in his crib, not crawling out or anything, but it seemed like time. Judson is already 21 months old, I know where has the time gone!!! So we thought it was time. I have been told by other moms that actually 18 months is the best time, well we already missed that but oh well. So last night Nate and I took a side off the crib to make it a toddler bed. It is so nice that it converts!! We wanted to keep Judson in his room and did not want to have to move everything around to make room for a bigger bed. As soon as we took the side off and remade the bed Judson got so excited and climed right in!! It was super cute!! Then last night when it was bed time Judson was so funny because he did not want to go thourgh his normal routine and read a book he just wanted he bed. So I put him in it and he stayed all night!! What a great kid!!

I said he stayed it in all night, I didn't say that he didn't get out this morning! :) I was in the bathroom and I heard him get up. I went to check on him and of course he was not in his bed!! So I looked around his room, then around to the other bedrooms and no Judson. I then heard a noise downstairs. So I went down to see Judson opening a Christmas present that had been under the tree. He was so proud of himslef, and really it was cute. But that is not what I was hoping for!! I now have to make sure that I am always up before he is, which happens most days but not all! :) But it is good to have him out of his crib, he is not a baby anymore!! We will just have to see what happens with this new freedom of his. I am a little nurvous about nap time today!! Without being trapped, like he was in the crib, who knows what he will get into!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little of this, Little of that

We have started to let Judson play with play-doh. He loves it!! And it is great to have something new to do. With the weather being cold and us having to be inside more we are getting more creative!! Well he had been playing great with the play-doh so the other night I let him play with it while I made supper. It was great!! He was happy and busy, and strapped in to his seat at the table. Well he had also decided to see what it tasted like!! Really this was the first time he decided to eat it, which is amazing!! But he had nice slimy blue teeth as you can see. We will try again though, play-doh is just to much fun not to play with!!

We put up a few decorations around the house. Not all of our Christmas things, but enough to make it feel like Christmas!! We have also used our fireplace some too. Judson loves to have the tree lit. If it is not one, he will go over and plug it in. I have to agree though, I like it on too!!

The other night was had a great family night. Went and got haircuts for the boys, ran some errands then came home and just played games and hung out. We made a point of not turing the T.V. on and just spending time together. It was such a fun night, though there are only so many things you can play with a 21 month old that just wants to knock everything over or mess everything up. Judson enjoyed playing cards with Nate though, he thought he was big for sure!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Texas/Ray Wedding

Here we are... on our way to Abilene. We stopped for supper and were able to eat outside. It was crazy to be eating outside, it short sleves, the day before Thanksgiving!!
We traveled to Texas with friends of ours, Sam and Laura Burleson. It was nice to have extra drivers and Judson entertainers!!! I do not know what we would have done with out thier portable DVD player!!
Playing with Grandma Dee and Grandpa Roger. My parnets were traveling the entire month of November and were in Abilene for the wedding too. Judson loved having them to play with. Nate and I loved that they were so great about watching Judson so we could spend time with friends!! Thank you again Mom and Dad!!

My paretns treated us to the zoo they day of the wedding. It was a great time for Judson. He loved the animals and running around!!

Judson got to feed the giraffes.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray!!!!

The four of us together, Mom and Dad had already taken Judson back to go to bed.

Our friends Cason and Ashley

Heading out!

Judson really did a good job of traveling. There was less crying then I thought there was going to be. But at the end he was just so sick of his car seat and wanted to be able to move around!

Judson loves the PBS show Word World, and this DVD made the trip so so so much better. We watched it SO MANY times! :)