Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who was I trying to fool!! :)

I loved your opinions!! Thank you for your comments and sharing what you thought! It gave me a lot to think about and I loved the ideas of the other stores to shop at.

Well over the weekend when I bought the red purse I had seen this purse and really liked it but thought that I wanted something nicer. But after reflecting I just wanted something big for traveling to CA and for when I want to take some of Judson's things with also. I also decided that I am not in a season of life that I need/want a nicer purse. I am always in jeans or sweats and never felt like my purse went with what I had on. So this purse is way more my speed right now.


The purse started out costing 14.99, was on clearance for 10.48 but rang up as 3.47. So it for sure is a purse for me!! And if I still want another purse I can still go shopping for one with all the money I saved!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Okay so as many of you know it was my birthday on Tuesday. So I have, well had, some birthday money to spend! I have been wanting a new purse lately. This is kind of funny because I do not normally carry a purse because I already have the diaper bag and do not what to carry both. But as Judson needs less for us just going out for a bit I have wanted something more stylish. Something more me and less "hey I'm a Mama".
I also get to go to California for a few days the beginning of November for my friend Kristin's wedding!!! So I will not be in Mama mode then, so thought it would be fun to have a new purse.

But here is the thing... do you like this purse? I could not really decide. It was the one that I liked the most, but am not totally sold. Well I guess I should say that there were others that I liked more, but were at least double the price!! I like that it is big so that I could take things for Judson with if needed, or will have room to take lots of things with me when I travel. But it doesn't have pockets or any kind of organization inside. If you know me... I like me some organization! :) So I need your help! What do you think? I am not so stylish and do not keep up on trends but do not want to fall to far behind either!!

No Longer Safe!!!

Judson has figured out how to open doors so we had to put the safety nobs on some of our doors. BUT!! Judson has figured out how to open those too!! So our hallway closet that has the cleaning supplies and extra shampoo and things in it is no longer safe. The other day Judson got a bar of soap out ripped into the paper and was chewing on it when I found him. Judson can also open the door to down stairs!! This worries me a little because the stairs are open because it is an unfinished basement. So even though he knows how to do stairs he could easily fall and get hurt. He is so funny when he opens one of the doors though because he is so proud of himself! We already do but for sure will have our hands full with him!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a great Kid!

So we have been working with Judson on praying with us before meals. He is so cute when he folds his hands!! And he is so funny because now we have to pray before each meal and each snack. He even wants to pray multiple times through out the meal or snack. It is so cute and we have said many prayers lately. But it has been such a great reminder that God is always there for us and that we can talk to him and thank him for so many blessings at any point throughout the day!