Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well we did it! We sold our house. The closing is set for May 14th. So we have a few more weeks to live here in this house and then off to Iowa. We do not have a house there yet so we may be living in the extended stay hotel with Nate for awhile. It will be cozy but we will all be together again. Nate and I are excited but it will really be great for Judson to have Dad around again!

This has been quite an adventure. And though I am glad it is coming to an end ,and we can live together as a family again, we are sad to be leaving our church family here. We know that this move is growing us in so many ways and showing us how amazing God is. We just have to embrace these changes and see where God is leading us next.

Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers along this crazy last year!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Spoon

Judson got some mail the other day. In his package there were two spoons. These spoons were brought back from Italy by Nate's grandparents before Nate was born. They are spoons that the Italians use to eat ice cream.
Judson loves to try to use a spoon, and he was very excited to try these new spoons.
So proud of himself for have a spoon!!

Thank you so much Grandma Carol, Grandpa Dan and Great Grandma and Grandpa Talbot!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend in Iowa!!

Judson and I went to Iowa over the weekend. We went on Thursday and got there by the time Nate got off work. When then unloaded the car, ate supper, hung out for a bit then met with a realtor. She took us to see 5 houses. On Friday Judson and I just hung out in the room and drove around town a but. After Nate came back from work we hung out for a bit then met with the realtor again. It was nice to see the the town more and get an idea of what houses are like. We did find a house that we really like and it is a good fit for our need s and in our price range. Now we just need our current house to sell!!!

On Saturday we drive to Marion, IA (near Cedar Rapids) for a surprise anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. We were able to hang out with family and more people were able to meet Judson. It was a good day, but very busy with all the traveling and Judson not getting a nap!!

Sunday was nice because we were able to attend worship with the church that we will most likely attend. It was nice and the people were very very friendly. It was much different than our current worship though. But change is good!!

After Judson woke up on Monday and we were able to pack the car we headed back. It is nice to be home, but I am ready for us all to live together again. In a house not a hotel room!!!

While we were in the hotel Judson found that playing in the cabinets under the sink was his favorite thing to do!! This is something that he does not get to do at home as they are full of all kids of things. But at the hotel ,were things were empty, he had so much fun. He even liked to close the doors and then pop out! It was so cute and so nice that there was something for him to do!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Judson wanting to get out of the swing. He does not last long with swinging because he does not enjoy having to stay in one place. :)
We went to the park today with Amy and Miles. This is a picture of Miles swinging. He did very good job sitting up for just being 4 months old. He is wearing Judson's hat because the sun was so bright the way he was facing.

Judson loved that there were other kids to play with. He also enjoyed climbing the stairs and going down the slide. I always went down the slides with him because they are much bigger than he is used to. So I got my work out too, racing to the top of the stairs before he made it to the slide.

After the park we came home and Judson took a nap, then we had lunch and then decided to explore the back yard. He loved the grills. They made great noises when he would bang on them.

He found a piece of bark that he enjoyed playing with.

Busy little hands!

As Judson played in the yard I laid there and watched him. This was my view! It is such an amazingly nice day today and we have loved being outside. I loved laying the grass, soaking up the sunshine and watching Judson play. What a great day!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Books that Judson got from friends!!
He loves them!!
And new bib from Dad. As you can see it is a Firestone
bib. Judson is already supporting the new job!!

This is the gift bag that two of the book came in.
He loves it almost as much as the books!!

Family picture, Judson did not want to take it.
He wanted to play, and not have to take the time to
take a picture!

We ate with our friends James and Amy. They were so sweet to
do an eff hunt. Judson and Ella had such a great time.
Judson also loved eating the cheerios that were inside his eggs.
Thank you so much Amy!!

He is so funny eying Ella's eggs!!

West Coast Visitors!

Thank you so much Cliff, Laura Beth and Aidan for coming to visit us!!!
We loved being able to spend some time with you!!

Judson has really missed Nate being gone during the week and loved
being able to wrestle with Cliff and Aidan.

Trying to get a good picture of the boys, they made us work for it, and
we still only got okay pictures.

This one is a little better.

(Baker family, don't you love Judson's outfit!!!)

One Year Pictures

We were able to get some family pictures taken when we got Judson's 1 year pictures taken. This is our first one, it is so much fun to have it!!

Judson is very close to walking. The most steps he has taken is 8 and he is getting more and more brave everyday. He is still VERY slow and pretty wobbly. But he is so proud of himself when he is able to walk from one place to another. It will not be long now until he is really walking. I am excited though because it will make summer so much more fun, and much easier on his knees too! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More fun at the park

Trying to climb up with the big kids.

Judson is getting very good at crawling up the steps.
He is so proud of himself that he can do it all by himself.

Once he reaches the platform at the top of the stairs he will point and make a little noise.
The noise and pointing means he wants to go down the slide. He will hold onto my finger and then slide down. He loves the slide and loves to start the process all over again
once he is down the slide.

These are from yesterday, I love him in the hat but he did not want to wear it.
We will have to work on that for this summer though, maybe not this hat but some hat.

I have LOVED!!! the great weather that we have been having. I know that for now it is not here to stay, but I will take what I can get for now!

Rock Band Party!!

Last Friday we had all the adults that work with the youth over for a Rock Band party.
We had decided to dress up as well to get more into the mood.
It was a super fun time, and a great way to spend our weekend with good friends.
Judson and Nate. It is hard to see but Judson's hair is spiked up.

The boys

The girls