Monday, March 29, 2010


Well life has been very crazy for the last months. Currently Nate is living away from Judson and me. He has gotten a job in DesMoines, Iowa. He is working at Firestone. He actually just started today. He will be living in an extended stay hotel during the week and coming home on the weekends.

I am still doing daycare for one family. But this is my last week. It has been nice that I have gradually stopped doing daycare. I have dropped one child a week, just because that is how it has worked into each families schedule.

But it is so great that I only have one extra child at this time because we have listed our house and have had many showings already. It is crazy to keep the house so clean and then also having to be out of it all the time. I do pray that we are able to sell it quickly and that we are able to get a good price for it. Yesterday we drove by the house while some people were still here, we just not sure how long to stay gone, and it was so funny to see other people at our house.

Once we are able to sell the house Judson and I will be moving to DesMoines as well. We are not sure yet if we are going to rent or if we will buy. We just will see what there is out there and what we are able to get for our house.

Though there is so much going on and life has been very crazy these last 9 months we know God has a great plan for us. We know that he has laid this plan of moving to DesMoines in front of us and will grow us and bless us there.


On a not moving note... Judson has been crabby lately, Nate and I were worried it was a phase or a one year old thing. Knowing he was mobile but not mobile enough and starting to hear "NO" much more often. Well I am pretty sure it is not that, or not all that, he is cutting his top two teeth. I would be crabby too, they look like they hurt!! Those top teeth are so much bigger than the bottom ones.

Getting outside!!

He loved to play in the sand. He actually did pretty well too
with not putting it in his mouth, but oh was he dirty!

Judson and Ashlynn had a fun time playing on the rocket

Hanging out in the front yard after our walk. Judson loved to
explore the yard and Ashlynn and I did a little chalk drawing.

It has been so nice to be able to get outside again. We have loved
taking walks and playing at the park near us as well as
many of the commons area parks as well.

Judson loves to crawl around and explore and also loves to swing.
He had a mishap on the slide today and got a fat lip so may
not be to excited to be on a slide again soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

First Haircut

In the car on the way to get his hair cut

With Daddy right before haircut time

He sat so well in the chair, but he never let got of Nate's hand.

He is so cute!!

He is no longer a baby!!

Daddy and the big kid after the haircut.

Back in the car on the way home.

Birthday Cupcakes

Mini cupcake on his actual birthday. I was not brave enough
to give him frosting this day so it was just a cupcake.
He still loved it though, it was his first sweet treat.
My mom and I made bees and ladybugs for the party.
They were cute, but not nearly as cute as the pattern we were following!

Birthday party, the real fun with the cup cakes!!

He got a bath after this, before he opened his presents!

Birthday Presents

Ball game from Grandpa Roger and Grandma Dee
Judson loved to put the balls in his mouth, well he still does but
he is also getting very good at putting the balls in the hole at the top and
watching them roll down.

Fridge Phonics from Aunt Nandy (Miss Mandy)

Football from Mr. Austen, he was worried that Judson
might only grow up with soccer balls!

Rocking horse from Great Grandpa and Grandpa
Great Grandpa built it!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know, I know...

I do, I know that I am way behind with blogging but our computer just stopped working and the one that we are borrowing does not like me to use it for pictures. So until we get our computer back or until we are able to buy a new computer blogging is on hold for the Rowedder family.

I have many birthday pictures and will play catch up whenever I am able to, so be waiting for a storm of pictures!!