Monday, August 31, 2009

6 month appointment

We went to Judson's 6 month appointment today. He is 26 inches long but only weighs 12 pounds 8 ounces. He has actually lost weight from his 4 month appointment. We had already started him on rice cereal but we are going to feed him more at each feeding and start adding other foods. We decided to start with green beans and Judson is not so sure that he likes them. This is a short video to show you just what he thought of them. The Doctor says that Judson is a healthy baby and progressing as he needs to be, just not putting on enough weight. We just have to make sure he is getting enough calories and will go back to the doctor in two weeks just to see if there is any change.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing catch up

Thank you Grandma Dee for the taggie blanket. Judson loves it!!

Judson is starting to sleep on his stomach some times, it is super cute!!
Especially when he is sucking his thumb.

He has enjoyed playing with the little boy in the mirror.
It is so fun to watch his reactions to his reflection.

Judson has decided that he no longer wants to sleep through the night. That has been hard to get used to again. He had been sleeping 9-10 hours at night and now is getting up 2-3 times a night. It is not much fun to get up with him so much but I am getting used to running on less sleep. We were thinking that maybe he was waking up because he was hungry so we started him on rice cereal. He LOVES it!! The first time we gave him some we could not feed him fast enough. We took a video but it is to long to put on here so that is a bummer. Unfortunately the cereal has not helped with his sleeping. We have his 6 month appointment tomorrow so will see if he is finally gaining weight!! I just can not believe that it is time for his 6 month appointment already!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Miss Ellie

I started back with Ellie on Tuesday August 11th. It was a busy week! I was still pretty tired from all of our traveling and being at camp for a week. But Ellie did great making the transition. She is so much fun and has grown so much over the summer. She now has two teeth and there are more on the way soon. She has also mastered army crawling so moves all over the place. Because of her moving and her teeth I use the swing a exasauser quite a bit. Ellie and Judson love each other and are so fun to watch together. But because babies love to put everything in their mouths I have to keep them away from each other most of the time or Ellie will bite Judson. She is just so excited to see that she crawls over and gets him. It is cute be he is only patient for so long! As you can see in the top pictures, they do play nice sometimes!! And that is so much fun to watch and be a part of!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh the places we have been

Grandma with other family

We started our trip on Friday July 31st. We went to camp and spent all week there. Judson was great. He stayed on his schedule and was a trooper with so many people around and everyone wanting to hold him. The week was good, there were less campers than in the past but it was still great. God blessed us with great weather!! (for some reason those pictures will not up load) Friday August 7th Judson my parents and I drove to Minnesota. My mom's side of the family got together to celebrate my grandparents anniversary. They are celebrating 70 years! Their actual anniversary is in September but we wanted to celebrate before school started so that it would be easier for people to travel. We then drove to Davenport Saturday night and spent the night with my parents. We went to worship on Sunday, then out to lunch, packed the car and headed home. We finally got back around 9. It is great to be home, but there was so much laundry to catch up on.

Traveling to Davenport, he was so worn out from everything that we had done already!!

Spending some time on the floor stretching out after we got to Mom and Dad's house.

All the laundry that needed to be done. I did 8 loads yesterday!! I still need to do all the bedding, but all of our clothes are clean!!

Home and enjoying a bath!!