Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2 Months Old

Lawson is two months old today!! Where has the time gone!! It goes by so quickly anyway, and then with all the holidays it has been so busy that it seems to have sped up even more!! But it has been a wonderful 2 months! We love him so much!!

He has reached some milestones already. He has been smiling since 3 1/2 weeks!! It is so much fun to talk to him and have him respond with that great smile!! He has also started cooing. It is such a sweet sound, but we have not been able to catch it on video yet.
Lawson has also started sleeping through the night. This started right around 6 weeks. I feed him around 9 or 9:30 and he sleeps until 5:30 or 6!! It has been so great to get a full nights sleep!! He then will go back to sleep until he eats again at 9. Which helps give me time to get ready in the mornings and only have Judson to worry about.

Lawson is also a great napper. He sleeps from about 1-3:30 in his room. Judson naps from 12:30 until whenever he wakes up. So it is great to have both boys in their rooms napping. Then I am able to get things done kid free or even take a rest myself!!
We have been very blessed with addition of Lawson to our family!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trying to catch some smiles

Lawson is already 7 1/2 weeks old!! He has been such an amazing addition to our family!! He is so easy going which really makes having two not so hard! :) But Judson makes up for it!! He is to smart for his own good and keeps us on our toes for sure!!

Lawson was an early smiler, at least in comparison to Judson, starting at 3 1/2 weeks. It has been so much fun to know he sees us and that he can react to us. But as all you moms know it is hard to catch in a still shot, so I tried to get a video. But that is very hard to do too, especially with the help of Judson.

Judson got a video camera of his own at our first Christmas. He LOVES it!! Though he is not very good at using it. While watching the videos back if feels like being on a really bad roller coaster ride!! :) Judson was trying to record with his camera, but it was not working because the memory was full, so that is what all the back ground beeping noise is about.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas #1

Over the weekend we celebrated our first family Christmas.
Saturday all 21 Rosekes got together. It was so great to see everyone. It is always a
really busy day/weekend, but fun.
Judson loves being able to play with all his cousins and to see all his aunts and uncles.
And of course opening all those presents is great too!

Judson got a train set. It was a great thing to play with right away. It kept him and the cousins busy for awhile!

Lawson enjoyed the weekend too with lots of snuggles!

Pete the Cat

Wednesday at the library we checked out the book Pete the Cat. Judson loves this book!! Miss Kelly read it every week over the summer time story time.
Here Judson and Landon are reading it to me! :) So cute!! Though of course, they did an even better job before I got the camera out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fire Station Visit

The boys and I are a part of a play group that meets once a week. This has been a great group!! i have gotten to know many other moms and Judson gets to play with many other kids. We are all developing some great friendships through this play group.
Well Monday one of the moms set up for us to have a tour of one of our fire stations. Here are a few of the pictures of our adventure with the kids, all 3 and under! :)

Trying to get a picture of both of the boys together. Lawson slept the whole tour, while Judson ran all over the place checking everything out!

Lawson and his buddy Vera! They are already getting taken all over the place because of their older brothers! :) They were both so good the whole time! So cute all snug in their strollers.

There was a small play area with a fire pole that all the kids LOVED!! Judson went down so many times I lost count. There were also a few hats that they took turns wearing. I think it was by far the favorite part of the tour! :)

Another picture to get Lawson in on the action.

Judson and his buddy Landon before they went down the fire pole!

It was a little crazy with so many little kids, and little boys, but it was a very fun experience!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week by Week

Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

One Week Old

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few pictures

One week old!

Dressed and ready for his first Sunday service!

Big brother wanting in on the sunbathing action. It was so bright though that you can hardly see Lawson! :)

A little better sun picture.

Our pirate and giraffe!

YO HO HO, Walk the plank!

All my boys!

Ready to leave the hospital

Our sweet Lawson!

Taking foot prints right after he was born

In his car seat ready to go home

The pictures got a little mixed up, but there are a few from Lawson's first week. We LOVE him so much. Big brother Judson is doing so great and LOVES him so much too. If Lawson is not in the room with us Judson gets worried and wants to check on him! :) Judson has also been a great big helper with getting things I need, "helping" with diaper changes and baths.
We are loving being a family of 4!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lawson's story

So I was 40 weeks on Tuesday October 25th and had an appointment the next day. Because I was "overdue" I had a NST (non-stress test) that day. That just means that the hooked me up to monitors and I hung out in a recliner for 25 min while they checked baby's movement, heat rate and if I was having any contractions. When I got to my actual appointment with the doctor my blood pressure was high, which was not great because it should not have been since all I had been doing was sitting around for the last 30 min! :) It had also been high the previous week, so they decided to just call things good and induce. There were no available rooms for that day or Thursday so Friday at 7:30 was going to be the time. I was so happy to hear that they would induce because I was just feeling so ready, even with it only being one day after my due date!

So my parents came on Wednesday night, we went to bible class and were able to enjoy trunk or treat with Judson. Thursday we made sure our bags were packed and things were in order to leave Judson with my parents for a few days.

Friday morning we loaded everything we needed and headed to the hospital. We were supposed to check in at 7:30 but were a bit late because we could not find a place to park. We finally made our way to the correct part of the hospital and checked in. After doing a little paperwork and answering some questions they started patocin (SP) at 8:30. I was regulated to my left side right from the beginning because of the high blood pressure. So I was just looking at the wall for a long time, and not really able to do anything. That was a little frustrating and boring! The nurse kept upping my dose every so often to get things going, it was not so bad. I could feel more contractions and knew things were progressing, but nothing to bad. Then the doctor said it was time to break my water, which also went fine. I was a little nervous, because with Judson my water broke naturally even though I was induced. After that though the contractions became much much more intense and I was ready for my epidural! I am not really sure time frame on all this because I was staring at the wall most of the time, away from the clock! :) The epidural was great, but did not take as well as the one with Judson did, so I was in much less pain but still had a lot of feeling!

Then at 1:30 Lawson Ray Rowedder came to join our family!! We were so excited to finally meet him!!

Here is how Lawson and Judson compare.
Judson born on a Thursday, 1:49 a.m., 8 lbs. 13 oz. 21 inches, head 13 1/2 inches, chest 13 1/2 inches
Lawson born on a Friday, 1:30 p.m., 7 lbs. 12 oz. 21 1/2 inches, head 13 1/4 inches, chest 13 inches
We are loving having our two boys, things are going great, Judson is a wonderful big brother and I am feeling well too! Life is wonderful!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So I turned 30 yesterday. I think I handled the transition out of my 20's pretty well. But being 38 weeks pregnant and super emotional there were a few bumps in the road. I know 30 is not old! And I have such a blessed life, amazing 2 1/2 year old, baby on the way, super husband, great house, get to be a stay at home mom... but it still feels weird to be 30!

Nate came home from work yesterday with these beautiful flowers for me!!

And this super yummy ice cream cake!! Yes it was even better than it looks! :)

The third letter

Okay so here is the third letter of little brothers name to be told! You still have no idea how many letters there are, but you know that N, S and O are three of them! :)

We have enjoyed the guesses to so much already!! And look forward to hearing more!

Well I had another appointment today, but there is nothing to report. Baby is still in there, still moving like crazy, heart rate in the 140's, but not making sign of coming out any time soon. So we just continue to wait to meet this little boy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Center Grove

Nate Judson and I spent some great family time this morning at Center Grove Orchard. There was a big Corn Pool that Judson LOVED to play in.

He loved to put it on his head, bury his feet, roll around in it... it was a fun thing. He kept wanting us to get in with him, but it was a pretty busy place!! All the kids were having such a great time.

There was also a kid hay maze. He liked waking through that too. The first time he walk right to the exit with no wrong turns!! Nate and I were super impressed!! But the next two times he was a little more distracted and needed a little help. They have a big corn maze too, but this was a much better size for Judson. And a much better amount of time for all of us! :)

Judson's second favorite to the corn pool was the train. He rode it many many times and would have ridden more if we had let him.

He did such a great job holding tight and sitting still. By the last time he rode though he was getting more comfortable. He would let go and wave to us!!

There was also a great slide that Nate went down with him. The first time down he was not so sure, but after that he LOVED it as well. I never captured the smile, but it was awesome!!

There were also many animals to see and feed. Judson liked to look at them, but was not so sure about the feeding part. It was hard for him to keep his hand flat. So he just gave up after awhile.

Checking out the one room school house

Riding the peddle tractors. He is getting very good at peddling, but these were a little heavy for him and his legs were a little to short. Good thing Dad was there to help!

Hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. It was windy and my hair was flying everywhere!

Looking around for a good pumpkin!

Found a perfect little one.

It was a very fun morning!