Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Weekend

Last Saturday (the 25th) we drove to Kansas City. It was a CRAZY rainy day, and not an enjoyable drive. The rain combined with the road construction was about enough to drive us crazy. A three hour drive took us nearly four hours. So we were very glad when we arrived and were able to be out of the car and out of the rain.

We had gone to Kansas City to spend some time with Nate's parents and go to a soccer game. The game started at 7:00 so we had a little time to relax!!
(sorry I could not get it flipped)
So Judson spent some time hanging out with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Carol at the pool. He was not super excited about getting in but thought it was great to watch Grandma. And was walk around the pool and feel the rough floor on his feet. He did get in a little, as you can see in the top picture, but is not a fish by any means. He very much is still getting used to swimming and being in the water.

We went out for some BBQ for supper before the game. This was Judson first time to have Arthur Bryant's and he LOVED it.

It sprinkled on us a bit as we got out of the car, but then it did not rain at all during the game. Which was a HUGE answer to prayer!! But everything was wet so Judson still got pretty wet and did not have much freedom to roam around. He did really good though! For it being wet, him wanting to walk around, being after bed time and it being loud at time! He was such a trooper. At the time that I took this picture Judson was pointing out to the field and saying, well what else would he say, "ball, ball, ball".

Sunday we went to a Kansas City Chiefs game. Nate's aunt and uncle had tickets they were not using and knew that we were going to be there... It was quite an experience. Judson's favorite part was flirting with the girl that was sitting behind us. He did pretty good, but really just wanted to run free. He was already tired from the night before and this game was right at nap time. So we only stayed for part of the game, because he just could not sit anymore. And I could not wrestle with him any more. He of course only wanted me, even though he had three other people there to hold him and love on him.

He did let Grandpa Dan hold him for a bit, and Nate was able to capture this super sweet picture.

It was a very fun weekend, but I am very glad to be home and have Judson back on his schedule!! It has taken most of this week to have him back to "normal". I guess trips like this just help him learn to be flexible! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Nate got a package in the mail the other day. To protect the contents it had two sheets of bubble wrap. The kind with the big bubbles. Nate then showed Judson how to pop them. Judson LOVED!! running over them and making them pop. He did not understand when they were all popped out. He kept asking for "mo" more. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though!! We all laughed so hard!! It was great!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

18 months and FEARLESS

As I was cleaning up lunch today Judson was playing so nicely by himself. He was sitting in a chair looking at his new library books, he got a few blocks out and was using them as if they were cars and then it got a little to quiet. He had taken his stool and but it on the coffee table so that he could climb higher and reach or try to reach the pictures that are up on the wall. Before I took him down I just had to get this picture to share with all of you!! We are going to have our hands full for sure with him. He is so smart and totally fearless!! But I love it!!

I mean just look at this face, how can you not just love it!!

Judson also had his 18 month appointment today! Yes 18 months, a year and a half!! Time just goes by so quickly!! He is not a baby anymore that is for sure!!

Judson is now 24 lbs. 14 oz. and 33 1/2 inches tall. I know hard to believe tall and skinny! :)
He is just below the 50th percentile for weight and just above the 75th percentile for height.

Labor Day Weekend

We spent our weekend at the lake with Nate's parents and grandpa. Judson loved getting into everything and "helping" with projects. He also loved walking out on the dock and he took his first boat ride. He LOVED it!

He even thought he should help Grandma Carol steer. He thought that was pretty great too. We just have to make sure that he knows that it is okay to steer with your feel in the boat but not in a car!! :)