Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Family

Nate's brother (Travis) and his family came to Nebraska for the long weekend. We had not know this when we made our other weekend plans, but they were so sweet to stop by on Tuesday so that we got to see them. It was also their first time to meet Judson. Here are a few pictures of us just hanging out, Nate was great and got the kids outside to run around before they had to get in the car for the rest of their 5 hours home. It was kind of raining, but they didn't care. :) Nate and Travis also played many games with the boys.

Road Trip!!

Judson took his first real road trip! He has been to Omaha, when we went to meet Halle. (Lane and Mindy's little girl) Over the weekend he and I went to Minnesota. Nate was reffing soccer games all weekend so I decided to visit my sister and her family. Judson did a great job traveling. He only cried a few times on the way there, but mostly just slept. But oh course once we got there he was wide awake. We arrived about 10:45 Friday night and he did not go to bed until 12:30, but not bad for sleeping all day! :) He slept well while we where there and loved being intertained by his cousins. The trip home went great too, he slept the whole way. Once we were home it seemed as though he was bored. He would look around the room like "hey who in going to intertain me" it was pretty funny. I am glad that he was such a great traveler, and I hope that he continues to be that way!

I played Wii while I was there. We did some bowling and I did many of the wii fit games. It was so much fun! I was pretty good at Hoola Hooping, but there were others that I was really bad at!

Will and Cole entertaining Judson.

Will read us a book.

We went on a walk down the road that they live on. Cole was a great helper and pushed Judson for a while! We walked down to a little crick, they boys love to go there and explore.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just some pictures!

We have cought his smile and talking on video but this is harder, so the picture is kind of blurry but you can get an idea of his great smile. I know that I am bias, but it is one of the biggest baby smiles you will see, it is so cute!!

No matter how many times we take the thumb out of his mouth he always puts it back it, he is a thumb sucker for sure. He has even started sucking his left thumb. And if we put his pacifier in then he spits it out and puts a thumb in! :)

This is a hat he got for Christmas, yes before he was born, and I decided to try it on him. It will be nice while we are on walks or outside this summer to help keep the sun out of his eyes. I thought it was so cute that I just had to take some pictures. I especially like the top one! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 month appointment

Well Judson had his two month appointment yesterday. Our time with him has gone so fast, but everyday is so great!! As of yesterday he is 12 pounds and 23.5 inches long. He is at the 50th percentile for height and weight. So he is growing just as he needs to be! He is getting to be so much fun, smiling and cooing all the time. His most talkative times are when he wakes up in the morning or after a feeding. He is so much fun to talk to and listen to, he has many different sounds. He is also starting to notice more of his surroundings and follow things and people around the room! He has been such a blessing in our lives and we thank God for him everyday!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My yummy breakfast!

Me and my super cute boy!!

Well, I was able to celebrate my first mother's day yesterday. Nate did a great job at making it special. He served me breakfast in bed, then fed Judson so that I could rest and relax. I was able to enjoy my breakfast and take my time getting ready for worship. It was a great morning. The day continued to be great when Judson took a nice nap and let me take one too. Then to end the day Nate made an awesome steak diner.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the house!!

Judson is 2 months old today!!

We made it out of the house today. It was finally a nice sunny day and the double stroller that we ordered on line was delivered yesterday. It was so much fun to take both babies out for a walk. Ellie was cooing and talking most of the time and then fell asleep at the end. Judson was asleep right away. He loves to go for walks, but almost always falls asleep. It was just very nice to get out of the house and to be able to enjoy the fantastic weather!