Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair cuts

The boys got hair cuts last night, they are looking "sooo cool"!
They both look much better. They were getting pretty shaggy. Judson looks so much older to me now. Thought we might wait until 2 year pictures to get his hair cut, but it was just getting so long. They cut a lot off too, so maybe it will still be okay for awhile. This was his 5th hair cut already!! We could save a lot of money if I learned how to cut hair, but I do not think that is going to happen. It is not really in my skill set! :)

Back in Lincoln for the weekend

So we went to Linclon for the weekend. We left Friday after Nate got off work. It was a little crazy though because Friday morning Judson had woken up with a fever. I was just so unsure about what to do and was worried that he could get sick while we were in Lincoln and get all the kids there sick too. After talking to some other moms and Judson waking up from his nap we decided to leave for the weekend. And we are so glad that we did because we had a great time and Judson never got sick!
We got in around 8 Friday night were able to let Judson play for a bit with Nolan and Delaney then they all went to bed and we were able to catch up with Katie and Troy.
Saturday was a busy day but was great to see so many friends. I went to brunch with some friends that I taught with while Nate went to coffee with another friend. Then he picked Judson and me up and we headed to lunch with other friends. In the afternoon we headed back to Baker's where Judson took a nap and then Nate headed out spend some time with his cousin. Then we had supper plans with other friends that night.
I know this is not a great picture at all, but it is the only one that I was able to get because my batteries died at brunch. This is Ellie the little girl that I watched for almost a year. It was so much fun to see her and her mom too. She is just so grown up!! And now how such long hair, it was so cute in her piggy tails!!

Nolan had gotten a bean bag toss game, but the kids much prefered to play with it at a tent. Here they all got on the couch with Katie so they could all get in it. It was so funny to see them all try to get in. Poor katie just got piled on!

Nolan, Delaney and Judson watching a movie for some down time.

I tried to get a picture of Judson with Darby, the dog, he loved spending the weekend with Darby. He loves dogs, especially smaller dogs that are not so overwhelming.

Sunday after worship a bunch of us went out to Runza for lunch. Nate wanted to make sure that we ate there while we were back since we do not have Runza here. This is Miles, he has gotten so big! All the kids have chnaged so much in the 8 or so months that we have been gone! It was so much to see all of them and catch up with all of their parents.

After eating Delaney wanted to take a picture, so this is her artwork.

Delaney, Nolan and Judson hiding next to the couch.

D being a little to loving to her little brother! :)

Judson had so much fun with Delaney and Nolan. They were so good at sharing all their toys and playing so great with Judson.
Sunday night we were able to go to 24/7 and hang out with the youth. It was nice to be back for that. And Judson did a really great job, which was not always the case when we lived there. Nate took Monday off so we were able to really enjoy our time on Sunday and were then able to see more friends on Monday for lunch. Nate met up with some guys that he used to work with and I went out with the Baker family and our freind Mandy.
It was such a great weekend. We miss you Lincoln friends!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well I guess these are my new years resolutions, but they seems pretty borring and ordinary. I mean that to say what many people reslove to do them and I have before as well. But I really hope that I can hold to them this year.

#1 Personal Bible study.
I have been doing a pretty good job at this. The ladies at my parents Church had been doing the Beth Moore study -Jesus. My mom had bought me the book and I am working through it. I am liking it, but I still find it a stuggle a lot of days. Not beacuse I do not want to do it, but because I stuggle with finding time to do it. I have been trying to get up early with Nate so that I can do it before Judson wakes up, but of course he has just decided to wake up ealier! :) Then there is nap time, which is great too, but that is also a time I can do some of the things around the house that I need to do with out Judson's "help". Then there is after Judson's bedtime, but I get so tired and am also wanting to spend time with Nate. So I guess I am saying that I am really going to find a time to do this everyday, it just may not be the same time every day! :) I am also praying that I am able to really focus on the study while I am doing it and not go over the list of things that need to be done in my head.
I know that this busy time with Judson or children is a season of my life, but hopefully it will be a season I will be in for awhile still, so I need to get this all figured out!

#2 Working out
Again finding the time is the hardest part here. Not that finding the motivation is not hard!! So for now I have chosen to do Turbo Jam, it is only 20 min. a day. So I am hoping that I can fit this in somewhere. It again may not be the same 20 min. everyday, well Monday-Friday, but I hope that it is in there somewhere. I know there are pounds that I never lost after Judson was born and then there was some emotional eating starting in October which just led to the holidays and so many yummy treats. So who even knows how many more pounds have been packed on.

So these are my resolutions this new year, I really hope that I can make them both a regular part of my day and life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Chit Chat with Judson

As you can probably tell ,part way through the video I could not think of more words that Judson knows. There are many more that I have thought of since making this, but this still gives an idea of his cute little voice and some things he can say. :)

Lori you have inspired me to post a video. I love all the ones you post of Brooke!!

And thank you to Nathan for clearing off the card so that I can take more video!! It has been way to long!!

Lots of fun!!

Judson loved helping Daddy shovel the driveway, and play in the snow for awhile!

Later Judson wanted to dress up in Nate's snow gear. He would bring us something and say Da-Da and want us to put things on him. He can also say goggles, it is pretty cute!!

My sister gave us a sugar cookie kit, it had the mix, cookie cutters and frosting. It was a lot of fun, but we made a HUGE mess!

Judson had a great time painting on New Years Eve. He loves to paint, really to do anything messy!

Last week Judson was sick, so I was trying to think of quiet activities that he could do. He was not feeling well and still wanted to run around. So we decided to make play-doh. It was a great way to pass the time and to do something creative.

The other day we made our own finger paint, Judon really got into it. It was a good time!!


Our first Christmas was with my family back in Davenport. It was a lot of fun but pretty crazy too. With my parents, us four kids, our spouces and all of our kids there are 20 of us.
Judson LOVED being with all of his cousins and Aunts and Uncles. He also loved all the great gifts that he got. A Little People barn, Little People airplane, and Little People castle. He also got a tent and tunnel, and musical micraphone.

Then on Christmas we were home just the three of us. It was great to wake up that morning and take Judson down and let him open up all of his presents. He also liked opening up all of our presents. It was so much fun though, and we loved having the time with just him.
Judson got another Little People airplane, a Little People swing and some actual Little People. He also got a little Husker football.
It was a very Little People Christmas!! :) But he loves all of them.

Then over New Years we had Nate's family here for another Christmas celebration. Judson enjoyed lots of great time with Grandpa, and Grandma too.
He also enjoyed showing Aunt Alyssa all of his Little People.
With the help of Dan and Nolan, Nate gave me another Christmas present. They built shelving for storage for the basement. It is so much easier to get to each tub now!!
Judson got an awesome car mat that he has really enjoyed.

Finally working...

Since the start of November I have not been able to get on blogger consistantly. When I log on it kicks me off the internet. Well it all worked today and I was able to catch up on other peoples blogs. Hopefully it will let me back on later and I can catch up what has been going on in our lives. I hope to use nap time to do that. So I hope to have pictures and things up later today!