Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So we have started getting a little more ready for the baby to come. Yesterday Judson and I unpacked two large boxes of baby things. We have no unloaded them from our move because he has not needed to. But being as there are only 9 or so weeks until we get to meet this little baby I thought it was time to get a little more organized. Once I emptied one of the boxes Judson wanted it in his room to play with. So for awhile that is what he got to do. He would walk across to his room, get in the box and pretend to make me different things. He would walk back to the baby's room with cookies, bread, noodles... It was really cute!!
So once I was done in the baby's room (well as done as I was going to be at that time! :) ) we brought the boxes down stairs where he could get some of his play food and actually play in the boxes a little more. He then had to dump out all the food and all the dishes!!
Our living room has totally been taken over for now, but it is so fun to watch him play and hear the things he is pretending!! I love this new stage of being able to pretend!! I know his imagination is only going to grow!!
Two of the pictures were taken yesterday, and two today. Yesterday when he woke up from him nap he ran to the bathroom to go. But took off his shirt and shorts. But he made it!!! So that is why he is in his underwear!! Today he was actually staying clothes! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rotating Toys

I LOVE rotating toys, though I should do it more often. This morning when we brought the Little People up from the basement Judson was so excited. He ran right over to the tub and dumped the whole thing out and started to play!! It was so cute, and so nice as I was trying to get other things done!!

He was smiling and playing so nice, well until I got the camera out. I said Judson look at me and he just said NO and looked away. Oh well! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

He is talking so much these days!!

I love the way that Judson says Chicken Nuggets. So I wanted to catch it on video. Well the first time he says it the way he always does, but the next times he actually says it correctly. Goes to show that I need to record things right away because he is learning and changing so much all the time!! We have also been working on his name. He has been able to tell his first name for a long time, but we have been working on his full name. I love the way he says Rowedder and Samuel!! I hope that the video works and you enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Such a busy summer

Over the weekend we were able to be back in Lincoln and celebrate the marriage of Nate's cousin Bob. It was a great time to spend with family and friends but was very busy as all trips back are.
Our whole summer has been that way though it seems. So many exciting things with weddings, baby showers, camp, soccer games, youth group activities...but so busy. We have a few more weeks of events that are planned out but then things will settle down a little. Well for a bit at least.
Baby boy is due October 25th and we know that will be here sooner that we realize!! He is doing well and growing well!! I have been feeling good for the most part, a little heartburn here and there and tired, but good.