Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 Years Old!!

So my parents came yesterday (March 4th) and celebrated with Judson. They brought him a golf set and an Iowa hat. Judson has been busy playing golf ever since.

My niece Sydney is on Spring Break and was able to come hang out for a bit in the afternoon. It was fun to have her around and Judson really enjoyed the extra attention!! He really loved having Sydney all to himself, with out the other cousins around! :)

My brother Ryan and sister-in-law Valene gave Judson this jersey. When he see it or wears it he says "football" it is pretty cute!! So here he is wearing his jersey and hat!

Little People bus

Little People dump truck

Flip the flap book

Judson also got some Husker wear from is NE grandparents but he did not let me get any pictures of that. He was opening his presents to fast. But he loves the new clothes that he got!

Time for cake and a yummy cookie. Nate had the fun idea to make a "2" cookie for the second birthday!

It was a great day!! I can not believe that our little boy is already 2. He is so grown up!! He is talking more and more everyday!! He has an amazing personality and so many great facial expressions. He is totally the joy of our life!! He is so amazing and has been such a blessing!
We do not have his next doctors appointment until later this month so I do not have new stats to share, but will when I get him.