Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Movie

I know!! Not a great picture!

We took Judson to see Cars 2 last night. It was an adventure for sure!! He did pretty well though!! It was his first in theater movie. Really his first full length movie ever.
We made sure to take his special blanket and lots of snacks. We also went with the youth group so he had lots of laps to sit on and cute girls to cuddle with!! He even held one girls had for awhile, it was pretty cute!!
He did so great at sitting through all the previews, but there were SO MANY!!, so by the time the movie actually started we had already been sitting for so long.
After each of the previews he would say "cars now?". He was ready for the movie!! And when the cars were racing he would yell out "go guys go!" it was so much fun to have that experience with him!! I LOVED IT!! Even though there were some moments that I just had to wrestle him!
I do have to say though it was a cute movie, I liked the first on better!

Please pray for Josie

Our friends Katie and Troy had their beautiful little girl on Tuesday!! But she and her family are in need of prayers. I took this from Katie's sister's blog, to be able to share more information.

Josie needed a little help with oxygen intake and was shortly after birth taken to the NICU. While in the NICU Josie was showing improvement, when she suddenly "crashed." Doctors and nurses worked on sweet Josie and got that little heart pumping again - they saved her sweet life!! Praise God for those medical professionals!! After her crash, Josie's little body went into a sort of shock, and she has since had us on our knees petitioning God on High for healing. Josie is on a respirator, although she has done a little breathing on her own. She has had 2 EEGs that show quite diminished brain activity. But she is stable and seems to very slowly be showing some hopeful signs of improvement. Today she was taken off her blood pressure meds and they have slowly been warming her little body back up (they've had her on thermal blankets to cool her body from the trauma of the arrest). She even sucked on a pacifier for the first time tonight! Tomorrow Josie will have an MRI to get a better look at her brain. PLEASE LIFT HER TO GOD OUR FATHER, THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. Josie's Daddy, Troy, has been talking of Jesus' first miracle, where he showed only a glimpse of His coming glory. We have been seeing glimpses in Josie's short life of the glory of Jesus, and now we want to see it all unleashed in full, spectacular view!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puzzle time!

Judson has always loved puzzles, but lately he has really enjoyed doing them. And can actually do them independently, which is nice for me!! They are what he most wants to do at the library and even will sit at home and play with them for long chunks of time too. It is so fun to watch him figure out where the pieces go and then get so excited once he completes the picture. Now I just need to find some new puzzles because he will be tired of the ones we have soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day weekend

We love you Nathan!!

We had a great weekend!! It was so much fun to celebrate Nate and what a great leader he is for our family.
Friday night we headed to the mall and ate Chick Fil A and did a little shopping. It was so nice to be out as a family and spend so time together!! Then Saturday we had a great breakfast, the boys came home for naps and I went to a baby shower. After naps Judson really wanted to take Nate to a pond here in town that has ducks. Judson really enjoys feeding the ducks and always wants Nate to feed them with us, but we usually go in the mornings. So it was a great thing to share with Nate. It was so fun to see Judson get so excited about the ducks and for Nate to get to share in those memories. We then walked around and let Judson play on the equipment. He had a great time showing Dadda all the things he can do!
It was such a great weekend of spending time together!! I can not wait until we go feed the ducks again as a family. And yes next time I will remember the camera!! I had thought about it before we left, but prego brain left it at home! :(

Long time no blog!

So we have been busy lately. Well let me rephrase that Nate has been really busy lately. Judson and I are pretty much doing the same ol things but with out Nate around as much I am tired. So I have not been good about blogging. But then I get on other peoples blogs and love all the updates and pictures and know I should be better at sharing our lives with other people too.

Nate had been reffing soccer games like crazy and has been getting involved with the youth from church. Both of these things are great, but with working full time he had just been really busy. Well soccer is finally slowing down!! Which is good for all of us, we were both getting worn out from such a busy schedule.

Let's see what has been going on that is more fun to share...
Well we found out that we are having another boy and are so happy that he is healthy. We had our ultrasound on June 1st and everything was measuring correctly and we got to see our baby boy for the first time. This picture was taken that day. I was 19 weeks. So I am now 21 1/2 weeks. I am feeling the baby flip and kick all the time and love the reminder that he is there!!

I have been feeling good, just tired. But I take advantage of napping most days!

We have been working on Judson's new room but do not have any pictures yet because it is not finished. He is sleeping in there though because he loves his new bed!! He could climb out of his crib anyway so this is nicer, and easier, for me to put him in and safer for him to get out of!! We should be done with it soon and I will share pictures for sure!