Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We spent the first week of August at camp. This is how we felt once the week was over!! It was such a hot week!!!! It was a wonderful week though. Nate directed again and Judson and I were just there hanging out. We helped where we could, but mostly were just there. One day at lunch Judson just could not hold on anymore and fell asleep in his chair. Even still holding on to his sippy cup. I was able to walk him to the cabin with out him waking up, where he continued to sleep for a few hours. He loved being at camp!! He was totally spoiled by all the staff and campers and loved having so much space to run and play in. He was also blessed to have Grandma Dee, Uncle Ryle and three cousins there. He also got to see four other cousins, three aunts and two uncles during visits to camp.

One night Remsey decided to help Judson play in the mud!! He loved it!! And was such a mess by the time I took him in to give him a bath!!

Our friends Lane and Mindy were at camp this year and Judson LOVED playing with their daughter Halle!! They were so much fun to watch together. They are only 6 weeks apart in age.


Judson and I were playing outside the other day and I had a large glass of water that I was drinking, well Judson decided to help himself and it spilled all over. He enjoyed picking up the ice cubes and splashing in the water. So I went in and got some more ice to play with. It was a fun thing on a hot day!

Some sweet neighbors of ours that live two houses down gave us this great sand box. We had been talking about getting one but though maybe next summer. In conversation they had heard us say that we were thinking about getting one and it just so happened that they were getting rid of theirs. So we were able to get it! Judson loves it!! And I love that while he plays I can sit and read a book!! :)
We just need to get more sand for it though!! But even this way he stays very busy playing in it.

This is what we had for him to play in. And the sand is GROSS!!! We need to just get rid of it!! I do not want to dump it in the turtle!! The lid had flown off a few weeks ago in a huge rain we got and now the sand is moldy and growing who knows what!!
I know, poor kid and what lame parents, that this is what Judson had to play with!

Sarah Lannon I hope that you feel caught up! :) I will try to do better!! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Weekend!!

My sister Ryna and I were blessed by our husbands with a weekend away. It all started by us meeting at the hotel we were going to stay at for the weekend. I was running behind and Ryna got there first and was not so sure about the hotel!! She was telling me about it as I was driving into town and I was not getting very excited. It was a very old and run down. Ryna got our room and said that it stunk and the whole place was really sketchy!! So she told the front desk about the smell hoping that they would just refund us our money but of course they just gave us another room. I had gotten to the hotel and was able to see the new room. And I was in totally agreement, the hotel was so sketchy!! There were stains on the carpet, the hallways were dark and smelly, and it was not in a great part of town. When we got to our room we were able to open the door with out using the key card. That was the last straw. We went back to the front desk and told them that we could not stay there. I know that the lady thought that Ryna and I were such snobbs but that is fine we could not stay there!!

Ryna had found the hotel using Expedia, the problem was the somehow the wrong hotel got clicked on!! So that is how we ended up with the scary hotel!!

After leaving there and feeling like we needed a shower!! We drove to Clear Lake and found a great hotel that was clean, had a pool, hot tub, breakfast and did not give us the willys!! It was wonderful!!! We then were able to get some supper and then enjoy our relaxing weekend. The next day we each had a facial and massage!! It was so wonderful!! Then we just hung out and relaxed the rest of the day/night!!

It was such a wonderful weekend!! Even with the very eventful start!!