Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The TV

In our playroom upstairs we have a TV that Judson can reach. He just today realized that if he pushed the long button that he could turn it on. And that if he pushed that same button again he could turn it off. He thought it was so funny. He stood there for awhile just turning the TV on and off and on and off and, well you get the idea. I finally just had to move him away from it.
I am curious to see if the next time he stands by the TV if he remembers the button. I am sure he will!! He seems to remember everything these days. It is so much fun in so many ways, but in others I really miss the out of sight out of mind stage!!:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Playing" in the Snow

Finally getting to play outside. He hated getting bundled up but as soon as we were outside he was so so excited!! And then when I sat him on the snow he was so happy.

The snow is pretty hard though, so it was so much fun. He pretty much just sat on top of it the whole time.

Nate did make him a snow ball, that Judson then decided to eat.

He got a little more adventurous and started crawling around.

But ever once in awhile an arm would get stuck in the snow and slow him down.
But all in all he loved being outside and playing in the snow. He did not want
to go back inside. But we were getting cold and were worried he might be too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair Cut

I was finally able to make an appointment and get my hair cut today. I have been wanting to for awhile but have been busy and the cold weather was deterring me as well. But then I thought about how little I am actually out in the cold weather, and decided it was time to get it cut!! I am glad to say that I am able to send Locks of Love about 14 inches!! I love having a new, easy hair do and I happy that some one that needs a wig will get one too!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

second car seat

We got Judson's new car seat today. As you can see he loves the box, but we will see what he thinks of the real thing once it is in the car.

Nate then decided to put Judson and Ellie in the box. They had a great time moving around in there.

I layed the box down and they really had fun playing in it that way.

New Tricks

Judson loves, I mean loves! the dishwasher. Every time it is open he crawls as fast as he can to get to it and if you close it before he gets there he just cries and cries! Well the other day we had it open so that the dishes could dry a bit before we put them away. It was not a big deal because Judson was sleeping, well he woke up and we had forgotten to close the dishwasher. We were all playing and hanging out in the living room, then Judson crawled away. Not a big deal, he really get free rein of the house. But he was a little to quite. We went to the kitchen to find that he had gotten in the dishwasher and was inspecting all the dishes!! I am just glad that he is not big enough that the door broke!! It was very cute and he was so proud of himself, but we will have to be more careful from now on!!

His newest thing is that he loves to take the vent covers off. Just today I was in the living room playing the the kids. Judson wondered off, again not a big deal. But the girls and I were starting to miss him. He had crawled to the playroom, taken the vent cover off and was kicking his foot around inside. It was making a great noise and he was loving it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 months old!!

He was trying to pick up the lid to the tub but was leaning forward and putting his weight on it so was not really getting anywhere. It was very entertaining to watch!
He has also started storing things in his mouth when he needs to use his hands. He does not just put it down, oh no, he puts it in his mouth for safe keeping. I do not know if he would have done this on his own naturally or if this is a defense against Ellie taking his toys! :)

Oh how I just love this kid!! I am not sure though how he is 10 months old already!! Where has the time gone? He will be a year old so soon.

He has been growing so much and really has filled out. I love that his belly hangs over his pants now. He loves to play alone in his room or in the playroom. Judson likes to play with the toy food and dishes. He empties the tubs they are stored in and then just looks though the mess he has made and explores all his options of things to play with. He also loves to pull the books off the shelves in his room and sit and flip pages. It is so cute now that he knows how to do all of this by himself. I love to sit outside the door and just watch him. I need to record it sometime but never have the video camera when I need it and if I make to much noise to get it he just gets detracted.

Judson does not have more teeth yet, but I think they are not far away. Or at least I hope they are not far away because he has been kind of cranky lately. It is how he was acting before his bottom teeth came in, so we are hoping that is all it is. Not a new personality development.

Iowa Christmas

Playing Rock Band
Sydney, Nate, Maddy and Connor with Rylee just watching

Uncle Ryle playing with Judson

Spending some time with Sydney, this was the first time they met.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Valene

Georgette, Remsey, Tessa and Rylee ready to open presents!!

Playing with cousins Will and Cole at Grandma and Grandpa's house.