Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 Months

On Saturday Lawson turned 3 months old!! I knew it would, but time has gone by so fast!! Especially with him being born right before the holidays. The last few months have just been busy.
He is doing awesome. He has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks, 9:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. That has really been nice!! Nate and I have really enjoyed the long stretches of sleep at night! Lawson has also rolling over from his stomach to his back. This just started on Friday. So the day before he turned 3 months. And he is very close to rolling from back to stomach. He gets on his side and wiggles, but then rolls back to his back. But it will not be to much longer that he is rolling all over the place and we have to be more careful of where we lay him.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yesterday was Judson's first sledding experience. We do not own a sled, and there has not been much snow to sled on! But yesterday some neighbor kids were out playing so we decided to join them. They had sleds out and shared with Judson. We have a hill between our houses that is just right for little kids! A great size and close to home when you are so cold and ready to get back inside. :)

Yes Judson did have mittens on!! He was just having trouble grabbing onto the sled so he took them off! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Judson's new interest

Many people have told me that in the winter they fill up a tub, move their sandbox inside or fill something else with rice for their kids to play in. This has always seemed like a great idea to me, but was not sure I wanted rice all over the place. So after I saw some pictures on my friend Laura Beth's blog I decided to go for it. Well at the grocery store I was having second thoughts again. I knew it would be a fun activity that Judson would enjoy but still did not want to have to clean up so much rice. So as we were passing all the beans I decided that is what we would go with.
Judson still makes a mess with them, they fall on the floor as he is measuring them out or pouring them form bowl to bowl. But they are easier to pick up! And next time we are at the store I am going to buy another kind of bean, maybe lima beans or navy beans, then he can mix the different kinds and sort them back out.
It has been a great activity for him! Keeps him busy while I am making supper many nights! And he has lots of measuring bowls, and spoons from his own kitchen that he can play with.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Laundry Day???

My typical Monday is laundry day but we also have play group that day. I usually get up sort the clothes and start a load. I can get one through to be folded before we leave to play. Usually not a problem, when we leave I have one load folded, one in the dryer and one in the washer. Then I can finish up the rest once we get home. Well not this Monday. When we got home and I opened up the door to the laundry room this is what I found.

Yes that is blue detergent all over the white floor. So I closed the door and waited until I put the boys down for a nap to clean it up. It was an adventure let me tell you!! It has hard to clean up so much soap without turning it all into bubbles! But an hour later I had accomplished it! Not how I thought my Monday would go!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh this kid!!!

It has been a long week with this kid!! And these pictures will give you a little bit of an idea why!!
Today we were getting ready to leave the house for awhile and I hear Judson. "I am going to wash my hands mom." Okay that sounds great. I finish grabbing what I need to have, get Lawson in his car seat... the water is still running. So I go to the bathroom and check on Judson! AHHHH, he had plugged the sink, added soap to make bubbles and was having a great time!! The water was all the way up to the top when I reached the bathroom, just about to spill over!! He did at least pull up his sleeves so his shirt did not get wet, we did not have to do a wardrobe change, and were able to get out the door on time! :)

Yesterday Judson decided that he was going to make supper. So he pulled a stool over to the fridge opened the door, slid the stool in and started looking for what to "make". Oh my the kid has a way to get around anything. He is to smart for his own good sometimes and wears me out!! But I LOVE him so so much and would not trade any of these adventures in for anything. I love being a mom to boys and love the blessing of being a stay at home mom!!

I had to pull the plug before I ran to get the camera because it was so full, but you get an idea!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Family Picture

Well we finally got a family picture taken. Well we had one from the day that Lawson was born, but oh that was not a good one!! With all the holidays you would think that it would be easy to get one, but we just kept forgetting. Well New Years Day before we left for worship we made a point to take one!! YAY!! It is still not the greatest, but it is so so so much better than the hospital one!! And as you can see Judson either does not smile or has his super goofy smile, but that is totally him right now. So it did capture us where we are right now! :)

Tummy Time

Lawson does not love tummy time at all! And because he does not like it I am really bad at remembering to make him have it anyway. Well that and it is hard to fit it in at this age. I mean I feel like he either has just eaten or is sleeping, so those are not great times for him to be on his belly and working on his neck strength.
But I was a good mom and remembered today!! And even remembered to get the camera out too. Poor kid, it is so true that the more kids you have the less you do for them because you are so busy with the others. And I only have two! I need to work on that for sure, because we would like to have more than just these two. The other kids will be lucky to have anything the rate I am going now! :)