Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bring on the toys! :)

This picture does not really do justice to the state my living room has been in today, but it gives you an idea. I am totally not a get all the toys out and make a huge mess kind of person. Judson knows that we play with 1-2 things at a time. Then put them away before playing with something else. Well with 3 boys in the house on Tuesdays it is a little harder. Especially with one of them only being 18 months. But today there is no hope because it is 115 outside with the heat index so there is not much other choice but to stay inside and play. So I am letting them play. And they are making a huge mess! :) But we will all survive the day this way! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July weekend

Laura going on a ride with her sister

Nate had to work Saturday and Monday of the 4th weekend. But we were still able to fit in some fun!! Saturday when he got off work we drove up to Clear Lake to spend some time with friends there. Then on Sunday after worship and lunch we went to the fair. Judson enjoyed people watching and thought all the rides were great. But we did not take him on any.

Judson hanging out with Sam

There was a playground in the middle of where the carnival was. Judson thought it was a great place to play. And I thought it was great because it was not $5 a ride! :)
This was a pretty tall slide and Judson climbed all the way up by himself and would go down unprompted. He is very adventurous!! It was so much fun to watch him play!

We came back late Sunday night and Nate had to go work Monday morning. Judson and I however got to go to a birthday party. It was at a great park with a fun playground and sand volleyball court that the kids could all play in. Judson had a great time playing with all of his friends. But he really loved the cupcakes!!
Then that night we were invited to cook out and watch the fireworks with friends. It was a fun night. We bought Judson some sparklers to do. It was funny to see his reaction with them. I really should have taken video but it was hard enough to take pictures with a 2 year old and fire involved! He did seem to like them, and really liked the fireworks!

It was a very busy weekend! But it was fun to spend so much time with so many friends!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Room

We decided to go with a ball theme, even though that is every little boys room.
We feel it is something he likes now and that can grow with him.
Same letters we had before, I just painted them blue.
He loves to drive his cars around, so for now we have both of his car mats on the floor.
There is also a book shelf full of books that I had when I taught. It is so much fun to be able to cuddle in his bed and read books at night!

He is so excited about his new room!!
There is not much on his dresser, but I am sure that will change as he gets older! :)

A place for his toys. Actually I can not decide if I like this shelf better or just a regular book shelf. He has trouble getting his toys out of this one. And we already keep his toys in tubs so when I rotate toys into his room I have to store the tubs. So this may be taken out and replaced with a different shelf!

He also like his little chair. It helps him to be able to get in and out of his bed too.
He also found his slippers in the closet. So it did not matter that it was 90 outside, he was wearing fuzzy bear slippers.

He seems so small in this big kids bed! But it is so much nicer to put him to sleep at night. I do not have to bend down nearly as far, and with my growing belly that is nice.

It has been a good transition, and has actually been easy too. It is nice that he has so much more space too. This room is bigger than his other was. So that is great for being able to play toys in his room!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Pary Fun

Last weekend Judson was invited to a birthday party. It took place at a park and there was a "Natural Playscape" there that the kids were able to play on/at/with!
Judson enjoyed building with the wood.

He also enjoyed walking through the hollow log.
There was also a water feature to splash in. Judson really, really like that. But the water was so cold and it was not a very warm day.

He really enjoyed jumping in the puddles that were formed from the water that ran out of the water feature when you splashed in it.

There was also a great sand pit to dig in. It even had fossils buried that you could discover.

There was a small pond that the kids could walk around in too. Judson like the puddles better and never got in the pond. Not that I blame him, like I said it was not all that hot outside.

All the birthday party friends together!

Judson getting the birthday boy in on the splashing action!

This was a super fun birthday party. Judson loved getting wet and dirty. Every little boys dream right! :) After all the kids played for awhile we went back the the family's campsite and ate smores and opened presets. I thought smores instead of cake was a very creative idea! I did not get any pictures of the mess made with the smores though because I was just trying to keep Judson away from the fire and not a total mess! :)