Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Clampits?

My sister and her two boys were able to come and visit us for a few days this week. They brought Judson all kind of handed down goodies. This is how they looked driving down from Minnesota. We not have a trike with a cart to hook on the back, a picnic table, a double running stroller, a tag a long, a bike carrier, a chalk board, a car, and another little car thing. Judson is having a lot of fun with all his goodies! Some of them he will have to grow into though. And all of them need to be scrubbed down because they have been in storage for a few years.

I am sure that Ryna is having a much easier drive home today with out all this in the
back of the truck! :)

Judson had so much fun playing with his cousins Cole and Will. He also LOVES his new car!!

Aren't they so cute!! Our neighbors have this awesome swing set in their backyard that Will and Cole enjoyed playing on. Nate and Judson joined in with them one night.

The boys wanted to play in Judson's pool. It was so funny though because the pool is so small! The neighbor boy came over to play too. The three of them had such a fun time. I gave them each a cup and they had a great time splashing water on each other, and on me. I ended up being very wet when it was all said and done! It was a great time though. Judson was still not so sure about the water but he did stand at the side of the pool and dump cups of water around.

It was a fun visit, but I am tired now. Having three boys around made life a bit more busy!! And then Ryna and I would stay up to late talking at night once we put all the boys to bed.

Friday, June 25, 2010


As close to the water as he got on his own.

Judson love when I flip the screen around so that he can watch as we take a picture.
This one actually turned out well. And it is fun that I actually get to be in a picture! :)

Climbing up the hill/slope in the back yard. He loves to climb up and actually does a pretty good job coming back down too. Though he picks up a lot of speed.

So I got Judson all ready to swim, see his super cute trunks and protective swim shirt, but he had other plans. It was funny, he wanted NOTHING to do with the pool. I thought that he might like it because he LOVES to play in the bathtub! But I have been proven wrong. Though I should have had a heads up that he would not like it because of his reaction to the neighbors when the kids use the slip and slide and the pool. If Judson sees then get into the pool he cries and cries and if he sees then run and slide down the slip and slide he also cries. It is kind of funny, but not good because we can not even be outside if the other kids are out playing because Judson cries SO much. I think that he thinks that they are getting hurt, because they get loud in/on both things because they get so excited!

Just playing in the back yard.

I got out a noodle out so that he could play with it in the pool, even stand on the outside and splash the water. But do, he would not even do that. He would not even let me put his feet in the water with out grabbing me to get him out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

It was tricky to get Judson to stay still and get a good picture.

And some turned out better than others.

But we were able to take a few!!

And we are able to have a memory of this great Father's Day.

I was trying to get Judson to pose for me so I could get a good picture of just him and a good one of the shirt too. But he just wanted to run around the house and put toys in this mouth.
So this is as good as I got. But later in the day Nate got a super great one!
Go to Nate's Facebook page to see it. It seriously is so super cute!!
I tried to get it on here, but could not and the picture was taken with Nate's phone.

We love you Nathan!! Thank you for all the amazing things that you do for us!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Doctor

So Judson needed to have his 15 month check so we needed to find a new doctor. This is something I was not looking forward to because I really liked and felt I could trust our doctor in Lincoln. But I had asked a friend from here and she suggested a doctor.

We went today at 9:15 to fill out paper work and get insurance figured out. It was not easy to do as Judson just wanted to run around and explore the waiting room, he even ran back to the patient rooms at one point. But we finally got all that done and were able to meet with the doctor. He seems very nice and Judson really seemed to like him too. I was so relived, I was not looking forward to having to "doctor shop".

So Judson was a bit late for his 15 month appointment because of moving and everything, he was 15 months on the 5th, but we found out that he is 32 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds. He is catching back up to "normal" so that is very good. He also had to get 4 shots today. He did not like that very much and cried big alligator tears. But the tears did not last long and he has been running around and playing well all afternoon. I was going to take a picture of his cute little bandaided legs but once he found the bright yellow and orange bandaids hidden under his shorts he torn them right off. So sorry no pictures to go with this post.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are in!!

Judson loves that the windows are lower and he can look out and watch everything outside. He also likes that we put the hope chest in front of one set of window so he can get an even better view!!

We closed and moved into our new house last Wednesday. We are completely moved in and mostly settled. We unfortunately were met with an unwelcome surprise when we came to the house Wednesday morning. In switching utilities over the power was turned off over the weekend and we are guessing that the ice that had been in the ice maker in the the freezer melted and ran out of the freezer onto the floor making the wood floor buckle. So we have been dealing with insurance and contractors since we moved in. We have found out that it is not able to be patched so the whole wood floor area has to be replaced. It was not the welcome to your new home that we were expecting, but it will all work out and there is no other damage.

So here is our new house!!
front view
back view, sorry there is a bit of a hill and it was raining so I could not find a good place to stand, that is why it is kind of a crazy picture.
opening the front door, straight ahead into the dining area, hall closet there in front, 1/2 bath to the right and living room to the left

1/2 bath

living room
around to dining area

kitchen, if you look at the floor in front of the fridge you can see the buckling.
The kitchen is nice and it LOVE that it is so open to the rest of the house, but it is small than our last kitchen, so it was difficult to put things away and we do not have a pantry at this house.
looking back around to the front door, laundry room to the left
laundry room, this is the set that they left. We do have our own, but we have to get things changed over, right now it is set up to be a gas dryer.

door to the basement
play area for Judson
the basement is completely unfinished, so we have a lot of work to do down the road
we also do not know where to put our things because we had so much built in storage at the last house, but we will get it all figured out.
it is a walk out basement and has some pretty big windows too, so that is great!
guest area for now, where the guest room will be once the basement is finished
storage for now, later it will be part storage part 3/4 bathroom
another guest space for now, will be Judson's room whenever he gets a little

Judson's bathroom, guest bathroom for now until the one in the basement is created

master bedroom

Nate's closet
my closet
yes we have his and her closets!! It is so awesome!!

Judson's room
we need to figure out where to put up his name and some shelves so that his dresser is not such a mess!
this saying was on the wall when we moved it, I think that it is cute but I wish that it were in a different place in the room and I could do with out the airplanes.
we need to put a shelf in the bottom of his closet too, everything is just kind of a mess for now, but it is all in there

There are things that we miss about our old house and many people that we miss in Lincoln, but we know that God has great plans for us here and even with the floor fiasco that we are dealing with right now this is seeming like a great place to be!