Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Shasta Dam, second largest dam in the U.S.

Krisitn and I at the dam, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful!! :)

At the sun dial bridge Friday before rehersal.
This was a pretty place and the bridge is an actual sundial, though only one day a year!!

The lovely rooster that lives next door to Kristin's parents house,
no we were not in the county!! And this lovely bird liked to start crowing at around 5:15 EVERY morning!! And then didn't stop all day long!! One on the many reasons i was so tired while I was there.

All five bridesmaids
Lesley, Keri, Saprina, Shelby and Me

The wedding cake. A eight inch round on top then cupcakes. This is how I spent a large amount of my time before the wedding, making, frosting and putting sprinkles on the cupckaes. We made around 300 of them, so we were busy. They did taste good, I was a little worried about that with our mass prodiction! :)

Kristin and Nate trying how to toast with being such different heights! :) She even had heals on!
Leaving, we all threw leaf confetti at them.

All the York girls

It was a great trip!! I left here at 5:15 a.m. Wednesday morning and got home Sunday at 11:30 p.m. Sunday was a very long day of traveling, but it was all worth it. I was so proud to be there to help with everything that needed to be done and stand up with Kristin!! I am so happy for her and the wonderful future that I know she and Nate will have!!!


Grandma Dee painting Judson's face

Our little lion, he loved to ROAR!!!
Not that you can tell by this picture.
Getting the paint put on his face kind of relaxed him.

Trick or Treat!!
He loved running from house to house and was so excited that everyone kept giving him candy!! He would have gone to many many more houses if we would have let him, but we did not need that much candy!!

He loved when he got to pick his own candy.

We went up and down the block then came back to the house to hand out candy with Grandpa Roger and Grandma Dee. Judson enjoyed handing out the candy to other kids as much as he did trick or treating!

Not the greatest, but a family picture.

We did not actually did not hand out candy, we did fruit snacks. Judson liked coming back to hand them out because he was able to sneak a lot to eat! :)