Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 We had a great time decorating eggs this year!! Both boys had such a great time!! Lawson was so so excited to drop the eggs in the color!! Judson was excited that we used a new method for creatively decorating our eggs. 
 We used tape to keep the color in some places and then dye the egg again! 
Here are the finished eggs.

 Sunday morning we did a very small egg hunt around the living room.

 Lawson was excited that they were filled with things! :)
 Our church family does prayer and fasting on Saturday and then on Sunday morning we do not have bible classes and break fast together with breakfast.  Well before we left I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of the boys, but that did not work out so well! :)

 They did at least let me take individual pictures!

 After lunch and naps we did another egg find in the back yard.  Yes a find, not a hunt, because they were not very hidden! :)

 And I finally got a better picture of the boys!

I struggled a lot this year with Easter!! Judson kept asking if the Easter bunny is real...I just kept dodging the subject.  I really want him to know the real reason for Easter and we tried to talk about it a lot. We read in his kid bible and we talked through the resurrection eggs.  But so much is focused on the bunny!! So for this year we did an egg hunt but did not do baskets, and the boys didn't even notice! :) So we will see what happens next year.  A good friend of mine did new bibles in each of her kids Easter baskets which I thought was really great.  Maybe will I will steal that idea for next year!

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Laura Beth and Cliff said...

Two blogs in two weeks!!!!! I am so excited!! Looks like the kids had a great time! Missing them so much! If you have a chance look back at my blog in April 2010. That's where I found old pics of Judson and Aidan.