Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Lawson is 17 months old now!! He is getting so big and is so much fun!! He makes all kind of crazy faces and has a smile that can make you melt.  He is a pretty laid back kid.  Well until he isn't!! He is a FIT thrower!! Oh my!! But most of the time he is just go with the flow. 

He has started to want to feed himself using a spoon or fork.  This has been really nice.  Especially on days like today where I have all 5 boys!! It is so great that he can do applesauce or yogurt on his own.  He still spills, but for his age is is doing great!!

He is starting to talk.  He says "no" "mama" "dada" "psss" (please) "ba" (ball) "bo" (book) it is pretty cute to hear is voice!!

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